El Salvador - Los Pirineos

El Salvador - Los Pirineos

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Origin - El Salvador

Region - Usulután

Process - Red honey

Producer - Gilberto Baraona

Altitude - 1200-1550m

Variety - Red Bourbon

Tasting notes - Green apple and orange with almond, molasses, cocoa & honeycomb.

Cupping score - 86

Finca Los Pirineos is situated on the nutrient-rich slopes of the inactive Tecapa volcano. The farm grows a Bourbon Elite varietal that has consistently placed in the top ten of El Salvador’s Cup of Excellence competition. The original seeds are thought to have arrived from Guatemala, and Gilberto Baraona today continues farming on land that has been under the plough since 1890, now featuring plots with native coffee trees, natural mutations and hybrids from around the world. Coffee cherries are picked by well-trained staff that are given incentives only to pick the ripest cherries. Over the years, Los Pirineos has been a pioneer farm, building its own micro wetmill and experimenting with different processing and drying methods.

This lot is pulped with 100% of the mucilage remaining, and is then dried on raised beds in full sun. The coffee is left for 2 days without being moved, and is then turned 4 times a day. It is covered at night, and is dried for a total of 20 days.

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