Burundi - Sehe Collective #1

Burundi - Sehe Collective #1

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Origin - Burundi

Region - Cibitoke

Process - Washed

Producer - Salum Ramadhan & Sehe smallholders, Bukinyanana commune

Altitude - 2200m

Variety - Bourbon

Tasting notes - Very complex and vibrant, lots of stone fruit and brightness. Tea-like profile and hints of florals and hops in the finish.

Cupping score - 87

Sehe washing station is located at 1750 meters in the Cibitoke province, close to Kayanza in the north of Burundi, and the coffees are harvested up to above 2000 meters. The producer is Salum Ramadhan, and his assistant Nimu Silas ensures quality control with strict routines and protocols on cherry selection, processing and drying. One lot consists of coffee from many smallholders surrounding the washing station. Before the cherries goes in to production they are selected and sorted by density and by hand. The cherries are then pulped to remove the fruit and skin. The coffees are dry fermented for 8-12 hours, then wet fermented for a further 8-12 hours before being washed, graded and soaked.

Salum runs a premium program for the smallholder farmers delivering cherries to the washing stations. This year he paid 100 Burundian Francs/kg above the minimum cherry prices and another 50 Francs/kg when the coffees are sold. He also runs a nursery to give seedlings to the farmers as well as providing them with high-quality compost.

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