Kenya - Karimikui AB

Kenya - Karimikui AB

from 9.50

Origin - Kenya

Region - Kirinyaga

Process - Washed

Producer - Gichugu area smallholders

Altitude - 1700-1900m

Variety - SL-28

Tasting notes - Blackcurrant, hibiscus, cream soda, blackberry, apricot

Cupping score - 89

The Karimikui factory is located in Ngairiama in the Gichugu division of Kirinyaga district in Central Province. It is one of 3 factories, along with Kiangoi and Kii, which make up the Rungeto Farmers Co-op Society. This co-op was established in 1953 and now has around 3507 members. Each smallholder member has around a hectare of land for growing coffee alongside vegetables for the family. The area has rich and fertile red volcanic soil at altitudes of 1700 to 1900 metres above sea level and receives between 1600 and 1900mm of rainfall annually.

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