Colombia - Nemesio Ramos

Colombia - Nemesio Ramos

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Origin - Colombia

Region - El Carmen, Tarqui, Huila

Process - Washed

Producer - Nemesio Ramos

Altitude - 1900-2000m

Variety - Caturra

Tasting notes - Buttery and sweet with notes of honey, tropical fruit and jasmine

Cupping score - 87.5

Nemesio Ramos Cordoba, his wife and six children live up in the mountains of Tarqui, nestled in the hamlet of Carmen on the Cordillera Central. Located at an altitude of 1900-2000m, their farm produces almost 100% Caturra.

Nemesio, like many in the higher altitudes of Huila, harvests only ripe cherry, de-pulping the same day and dry-fermenting for around 24 hours. Once the mucilage can be removed easily, the coffees are washed and then laid out to dry. He has a well-ventilated parabolic drier which allows for drying times tin the region of 20 days.

In 2016, Nemesio won the prestigious 2nd Tarqui micro-lot competition, organised by Nordic Approach. His coffee was scored the highest in blind tastings of 36 different famers’ lots, carried out by an expert panel. We’re delighted to have been able to source this coffee and help give Nemesio’s coffee the audience it deserves.

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